Potted Water Lilies

This season marks the second year of Fiesta’s wonderful water Lilies. Available from late October subject to whether conditions. Fiesta offers these aquatic plants in a new full colour attractive container complete with a specially developed lid that allows the plant to continue to grow as it would in a pond yet contained for easy display and transport.
We now offer a selected range of separate colour water lilies in hardy and tropical’s along with 4 marginal plants in this ‘easy to merchandise system’.

The 7 great things you need to know are:

  1. The plant can now sit in fresh water like it should do
  2. The pot has a special lid that allows the plant to “breathe” and grow as it would in a pond
  3. Full colour attractive water garden themed pots attracting your valued customers’ attention.
  4. Full colour label depicting the plant inside the pot.
  5. Special lid on each pot allows minimal splash and spillage in transit.
  6. Tidy display that can be placed anywhere around the shop, including the counter.
  7. Each display comes with its own plastic tray to hold 10 pots at a time. Now they cannot fall over!
We also offer a high quality range of aquatic accessories. Are you tired of trying to keep marginal plants and other aquatic plants in one place in your water garden? Check out our great range of water baskets, pond tabs, and floating islands.