Elephant Garlic

Elephant Garlic is much sought after for its huge cloves, yet mild distinctive garlic flavor. Excellent for roasting with meat or roasting and eating as part of your side dishes. This type of Garlic is simply outstanding. The bulbs get up to cricket ball size in optimal conditions in just one season. Elephant garlic is a milder and sweeter form of Garlic that lasts for months and months hanging in the kitchen. It has great health benefits when you use it raw in salads, dressings, butter or sandwiches. It will for a seal naturally over any cuts, so just refrigerate any unused portion until next time.
Elephant Garlic is high in plant sugar levels and will burn easily if fried at high temperatures, so add near the end of your cooking. Use finely chopped Elephant Garlic at the end of stir-fries. YUM! Planting it out for increase can be done anytime from May until September. They like a warm, sunny spot in well worked soil, with the top of the bulb 3 - 5 cm below the soil surface. If planting after mid August place cloves in the vegetable compartment of your fridge for 5 - 6 weeks. This is a quick 'Winter' for them and helps to initiate germination. For fantastic results feed with Fiesta Bulb Food.

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