The Fiesta Calendar

We are suppliers of:

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Dry packed Bulbs:   [Subject to weather conditions]
Spring Bulbs December / January Late January
Liliums February - May Early May
Strawberry plants February - May Early June
Garlic & Shallots February - July Late May
Asparagus Plants February - May July
Paeonies May - June Late June
Potatoes May - July July
Dahlias May - July July August
Gladioli May - July August / September
Begonias May - July August / September
Summer Bulbs July - September September / October
Hippeastrum July - September November
Bulb Baskets All year around All year around
Fiesta Bulb Food All year around All year around
Potted Bulbs:    
Jetfire February - April April
Tete-a-tete February - July May - Mothers Day
Hyacinth February - July May - Mothers Day
Tulips February - July May - Mothers Day
Muscari March - July June - Queens B-day
Freesias March - July Late June
Garlic & Shallots August Late September
Paeonies September / October October
Water Lilies September / October October
Asiatic Lilies September / October November
Oriental Lilies September / October Late November
Christmas Lilies September / October December
Hippeastrum September / November December
Daffodils July - September July
Paeonies October - December November
Anemones April - May April - May
Ranunculus April - May April - May