Under Grass Planting

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With minimal turf disturbance and astonishing speed, witness how we effortlessly transform landscapes with vibrant blooms.


This simple yet highly effective means of getting Daffodils planted under the grass with minimal disturbance to the turf has been practiced in Europe for several years now, and has transformed the thought of beautifying roadsides and parks with flower bulbs from ... difficult ... to very easy.
Fiesta Bulb Marketing  has the ability to offer this service, right from the bulb selection, to in the ground for those dazzling roadside displays, that in the past we have only dreamed about having with such ease.
The big 'ground breaker' is not only the minimal disturbance to the turf, but the massive reduction in the cost to plant. Quite easily we can plant up to 25,000 bulbs in as little as 60 minutes with a small 40hp tractor and only 2 people.
Here are some ideas of what can be done and how the machine works.

Where to plant?
The machine is used to plant bulbs under the grass in locations such as verges, driveways, parks and gardens. It is very important to note that the soil is free of large tree roots and rubble, as they can obstruct the planter and therefore affect the end result.

The machine
The machine is mounted on a compact tractor with turf tyres. It contains a hopper and two planting feet. A conveyer belt takes the bulbs from the hopper to the planting feet automatically. The planting feet will cut the turf and lift it at the same time. The bulbs are then spread underneath the turf as the machine passes; the turf is put back in the original position and is gently pressed down by a set of compaction wheels.

Total width of the machine is 125cm. The machine plants beds of one meter wide, therefore every meter long is one meter square.
Planting density is recommended as follows:  Work on 85-95 bulbs per square meter for the best results. For example, a strip of turf 100 meters long by the set width of 1 meter wide would require 8500-9500 bulbs for the ultimate display. These are indicative measurements only and can go in at a lesser rate if desired.