Itoh Julia Rose

The garden aristocrats. These lovely plants are always in strong demand. Their half-double blooms and lovely foliage make them a real head turner in any garden. All Fiesta Paeonies are beautifully presented with large full colour high-impact packs. Among the most beautiful hardy perennials grown, the giant flowered Paeonies come in a great range of colours in both doubles and singles. The big fleshy roots are completely dormant in Winter and in early Spring emerges rapidly growing stems bearing 1 - 3 flower buds, these developing slowly to gigantic blooms up to 18cm across. They thrive in cooler districts while a cooler situation is best in a warmer area.
Bare root Paeonies may be planted anytime from May to September. You should inspect the roots when you receive them, and if they appear dry, soak in water for several hours and keep them moist until planted. Cultivate the soil to about 20 - 25 cm deep; mixing in with it compost and /or a good balanced garden fertiliser.
When planting, dig a hole large enough to take the whole root easily but be sure the growth buds are about 4-5 cm below the surface. Place the Paeony root, and fill in, tamping the soil firmly around the roots. Try to avoid fertilizer coming in contact with the tender growth buds. In mid spring they come into growth very rapidly, but do not expect flowers the first Spring after planting. If there is a wet Spring, fungi attack can be a problem, but this is easily controlled with a general fungicide spraying 2-3 times 10 days apart on the soft Spring growth. Fertilize after flowering if necessary and each Autumn completely remove all foliage ready for new growth in the Spring