Cliffs of Dover

Bearded Iris, also known as Iris Germanica or Flag Iris. They are well known for the beard down the centre of the flower and are very easy to grow in most gardens. Bearded Iris prefer warm sun on their back so plant them with the top of the rhizome on the surface of the soil, making a stunning display in pots on the patio or in a sunny position in the garden. Keep moist during hot days but take care that they do not become water logged, if drainage is a problem them plant in a raised mound to allow water to run off.
In very hot areas where shade is not available, just plant them about 2cm deep. Bearded Iris like their space so give them around 30cm between plants and water well after planting.
During growing season, spray regulary with insecticide and fungicide to keep a healthy plant and protect against pest and disease. In very coll climate during winter, it is recommended to cover them with straw to provide some insulation, remove again in spring.
Bearded Iris also make a wonderful cut flower, cut the, early in the morning with their buds are just opening and place directly into water. If necessary re-trim again under water and keep them in a cool posistion away from direct sunlight and drafts.