Florex Gold

Zantedeschia – Florex Gold.
Zantedeschia are commonly known as Calla Lilies. Established in clumps in the garden provide a wonderful display during early summer. They can also be grown in pots on the patio and are much valued as a cut flower.
They are easily grown in most parts of the garden but dappled sunlight, or full sun partly through the day suits them best. Good drainage is essential.
Plant in well prepared soil, preferably enriched with garden compost. Rhizomes should be planted with growth tips pointing up; 5-7 cm deep and 20-25 cm apart. To enhance flowering apply a light dressing of Fiesta Bulbs Food around the clumps [not over them]. After flowering remove spent flower heads and in the Autumn remove the foliage as it dies down, ready for new growth in the Spring.  

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