The most genial answer to the issue that farmers are facing to an increasingly greater
extent: “minimize the amount of product dispersed in the environment during pest control
”. The innovation lies in the fact that the product is recovered by combining
the action exercised by the electrostatic attraction between vegetation and polarized
droplets (+ -) with that of two special protective air-cushion shields, without the
phytoiatric mixture being re-circulated in any way. This achieves a 95% drift-free effect
and anti-chemical residue action on fruit, grapes, wine, etc., that’s even better than
the results obtained to date with the so-called tunnel sprayers. The machine allows the
volumes, speed and incidence of the air fl ows from the electrostatic spray nozzles
(8+8) to be controlled from the driver’s seat, thus the dimensions of the droplets can be
adjusted to suit the phenological state of the plants.

Duo Wing Jet raises to the utmost degree the well know ability of MARTIGNANI’s LOW and ULTRA-LOW ELECTROSTATIC VOLUME  systems to guarantee efficient treatments with 90% water savings, 70% savings in man power, up to 45 - 50% savings in active ingredients plus total respect for the ECOSYSTEM and the health of consumers of AGRI-FOOD products.