Why is a Flower Bulb Company selling these sprayers?
In 2012 we were looking for a new compact walk behind type of sprayer for fungi and insect control in our nusery. Our old Solo walk behind sprayer had died and the system we were using with a boom arm mounted on a 4x4 quad motorbike and only a 50 litre tank just wasnt doing what we wanted. We were always hitting the arm on posts and spray nozzels would regualy block up with all the silt have have in our bore water and 50 litres didnt take us very far.
As we progressed futher in bussiness and undertook new concepts and innovations which included a cut flower Anemone block we urgently needed a new spray system, it is not eccomoical to make rows big enough to drive a quad bike up and down for spraying and the block was too small to justify a tractor mounted system.

Then we found the Martgnani Sprayers and the the little "Trekker" was prefect for what we wanted. It was small and compact, turned in very tight spaces, had no boom arms to worry about or nozzels to block up and on top of that, it had the electrostatic spray system. Perfect, this is just what we wanted but who sells these in New Zealand..........the answer was no-one.
So we contacted Martignani and offered to be their distrubtor in New Zealand, afterall, they have a brilliant product but no-one to sell them here.
Our offer was taken up and Fiesta Bulb Marketing was given the sole distrubution rights to sell these fantastic machines in New Zealand.

But they dont only have the wee walk behind / ride on compact Trekker, their range is huge and can be easily modified to your specific requirements. From motorised backpack sprayers, through to the Trekker and right up to the Duo Wing Jet vineyard sprayers and Albatross boom sprayers for hugh broad acre spraying, we can supply you with the ultimate sprayer with world patended Electrosatic Spray Systems.

Contact us for futher options and information or visit the Martignani website through the link below.