The PHANTOM B-748 MINOR "TREKKER" is perfect for small green areas that a normal vehicel struggles to fit in. At 81cm wide and 172cm long it fits in the tightest of places.

Mist Sprayer construction features:

  • Hot-galvanised frame
  • 16 CV gasoline engine with 12V electric ignition
  • 100 litre chemical tank
  • Low pressure (60 L/m) self-primin centrifugal pump or 3-membrane (50 L/m – 40 bar)
  • (Patented) High precision metering valve from 0 to 1200 L/hour
  • Omni-directional gun head with electrical movements activated by a multipurpose control boar
On request:
  • (Patented) ULV nozzle kit for adult insect fight
  • Anit drift Electrostatic device - learn more about this here
  • Hose reel with spray gun
  • Your selection of specialised spraying heads
    • KOMBY head for row crops (vines, nurseries, etc)
    • GOOSE NECK head for low growing shrub crops ( garden centres, cut flower production)
    • CANON GUN head for spraying tree tops or ditches where a long reach is required
Download the "Trekker" catoluge here