Pink Hippeastrum

Potted Hippeastrum, often known as Amaryllis, are available again this year in 4 stunning colours. The massive 24cm plus bulbs will produce 2 – 3 stems with 3 – 4 flowers per stem, thus making them one of New Zealand and Europe’s most popular indoor plants. Ready this year in 2 options. Firstly a lovely coloured and decorated, 15 cm tin, presented in gift style with decorative artificial moss and a full colour waterproof and bar-coded label. Alternatively the plain pots are presented with a full colour, bar-coded, swinging label and both types come in outers of 11 units per carton. Available from late November through to early January, but not forgetting your special order for Valentine’s Day in February. 
These aristocrats of indoor flowering plants are just outstanding, their giant stems and blooms simply grow before your eyes. Ideal for the home, office, or that someone special. Water sparingly just to keep the soil moist and rotate the pot a ¼ turn every day to help prevent it from growing towards the strongest source of light.