Asiatic Patio Pink

Asiatic Pink Lilium are very easy to grow and provide a lovely display of colour. Masses of flowers sit on 60-80 cm stems making them great for porches and patios. Keep in a well lit position but not too warm. Water every second day and turn the pot a ¼ turn every day to help prevent it growing towards the strongest light source.
These pots are available in 1 bulb per pot, and 3 bulbs per pot. Available from late October. All pots come complete with a full colour, high impact, swinging, waterproof label. Available and dispatched in outers of 11 or 15 pots per carton. Please note: Sample pictures only, gift wrap may vary.
1 bulb per pot:
             12 cm pot
             15 pots per carton
3 bulbs per pot – Gift Wrapped or plain pots:
             15 cm pot
             11 pots per carton.

Selecting certain options may change the base price.