Heavenly Pink Fang

Heavenly Pink Fang. Beautiful pink with yellow throat and yellow egde with a clean pale stipe down the center.
Flowering all Summer, these easy to grow, easy care perennials are extra good value for money, lasting for years in the garden. They are commonly known as ‘Day Lily’s’ for the very good reason that they produce a flower a day throughout the whole of their Summer.
Excellent for edging, pots, backdrops and bold splashes of colour in the centre of the garden. Keep well watered and preferably in a sunny position. A good dressing of fertilizer in late Winter will encourage strong growth.
All our Hemerocallis are grown in a 15 cm pot and wintered in Palmerston North.  Available from mid-October or when growth is optimal for sales. All pots come complete with a hanging waterproof label and are dispatched in outers of 11 pots per carton. Our entire range of Hemerocallis are semi-deciduous and are easy-to-grow, easy-to-care-for plants.