Violet Potted Hyacinths

The violet potted hyacinths has a lovley deep colour just as you see in the picture.
Fiesta’s potted Hyacinths are always a favourite with anybody who loves flowers. Their delightful scent and mass of blooms make them a must for a lot of people. Our pots come complete with a life size, full colour and waterproof label. There are 3 bulbs in a 12cm pot to give a wonderful display, available from early April to late July.
All our pots are dispatched in tight bud stage to give the safest travel and the longest possible shelf life either at home on your windowsill or in your store. Keep the pots moist and in a cool area to avoid the stems stretching to tall and to keep growth slow, therefore lengthening your shelf life even further.
Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunity’s to bring spring indoors all winter.